snow peeps by kelly

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snow peeps or sneg lyudi in Ukranian are hand crafted customized snow people made just for you, by me 

sneg lyudi (snow peeps)


welcome to snow peeps by kelly

Sneg lyudi, I just love the sound of that name (pronounced sneg loo dee.) Sneg lyudi is Ukranian for snow people. I also call them snow peeps for short. My snow peeps are made from stretchable cotton or cotton blend fabrics filled with rice. You can smack the bottom flat for sitting on its bottom. They are slightly moldable and come in various styles.

​Come on in and check out the snow peeps!
Several foot ball teams are available by the region I live in. Licensensed characters dressed in Harry Potter, Minnie, Mickey, Snoopy and Batman costumes are just some of the characters available. Team and school colors are available. by hat and scarf color. There are a wide selection of snomen, even some with attached decor. Your imagination has no limit. Have trouble deciding? Let me choose one for you by answering a few questions.. Your snow peep will be hand crafted for you. No two are exactly alike.